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  Information on Adjustable Rate Mortgage

In Adjustable rate mortgage the interest rate is adjustable that is, the interest rate and monthly payments keep changing throughout the term of the loan depending upon the Current Interest Rate of the market. This adjustable rate mortgage is a good option for the people who cannot qualify for the reasonable fixed rate mortgage. Instead of waiting to qualify for the fixed rate option, you can choose the adjustable rate option not only that when the rates are really low, you can save some extra cash and enjoy the saving.


The Adjustable Rate Mortgage has four key components in it, they are:

  • Index: An index is the base rate to which the interest rate movements are tied.
  • Initial interest rate.
  • Adjustment interval.
  • Margin : Margin is a fixed amount which is added to the index to determine, what is referred to as the fully indexed rate.
There are many advantages of choosing an ARM as your mortgage loan. According to some lenders, advantage of Adjustable Rate Mortgage are:

  • In ARMs initial interest rate is usually lower than a fixed-rate mortgage. It will enable you to lower your monthly Mortgage Payments.
  • If the current interest rate is low then you can enjoy the saving and lower the payments.
  • If you are planning to relocate or want to buy the property for 3-5 years, then this adjustable rate mortgage is the best option.
  • With many programs coming up in the industry for ARM like 3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 ARM etc. It has given more opportunities for home buyers to plan the ownership for 7 years with any one of the property.
  • ARMs are the best choice when the interest rate is low. So buyers need to select the loan which has much lower interest rate than regular fixed rate and when the current rate improves, they can opt for refinancing the loan.
  • Not only that even if you plan to keep the property for forever, then you choose the low interest rate ARM and once the interest rate changes you have the option to refinance your loan with fixed rate option.

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